Basic Craps Betting


Before the first throw (come out roll), the shooter bets on the winning side


Before the first throw (come out roll), bet on the loser of the shooter, contrary to the PASS LINE.

* Craps has a tacit understanding that “all participating players bet on the pass line (shooter wins) and everyone beats the casino and gets excited”. If you bet on Don’t Pass, you may buy Hinshuk.


You can bet voluntarily after the come-out roll. Like the passline, the shooter bets on the winning side. The next dice rolled at the time of betting is the “point”.


You can bet voluntarily after the come-out roll. The opposite bet on COME. Bet on the loser of the shooter.


How to bet to add a stake to your bet after the second throw with pass line, don’t pass, come, don’t come.

For odds bets, the payoutwill be refunded according to the probability of passing (winning) the added stake. The betting rate (house edge), which is the casino’s share, is zero . For example, let’s say you have 4 points. The probability of getting a 4 is 1/2 of the probability of getting a 7 (= the shooter loses). At this time, the payout that arrives at the odds bet will be doubled.

Precautions for Craps

Winning or losing is decided by the dice roll, so any number of points are the same, right? If you think, the total of the two dice does not all come out with the same probability!

For example, if the point is “2”, the probability is 1/36 because it is a number that can only be obtained with the combination of 1.1. If a 7 comes out after the second throw, the shooter loses, but 7 is the number with the highest probability of coming out. There are 6 types such as 1, 6, 2, 5, etc., and they appear with a probability of 1/6. With this in mind, odds betting will make your craps even more exciting!

Let’s challenge Craps

There are many other ways to bet on craps, but the basics are as described above. To have fun playing in the casino, all you need to know is this basic craps rule.

As you can see from those who have read this far, craps is a type of game that you can enjoy with other participating players, so it is more suitable for land casinos than online casinos. It is a tacit understanding that all the players at the table aim to beat the casino dealer , and it is a game where you can feel a sense of unity with other players. If you want to try craps at an online casino, we highly recommend playing at a live casino !